Step 1

Call us at 843-860-3238, or send us an email. We are ready and able to make a full-time commitment to find you the home you’re looking for. When working with us for your buying needs, there is never a charge for our services. Lighthouse Real Estate is knowledgeable about the Charleston metro area, and able to guide you through and help manage the entire process, from proposal to finish.

Step 2

This is the most important and most often overlooked step of the Buying process: figure out how much home you can afford, and obtain a pre-approval letter from your lender. This pre-approval will have a huge impact on your negotiating power, and in Charleston’s fast moving market, you need to be ready to strike when you find the right home. Lighthouse Real Estate can help you get in touch with a mortgage specialist that meets your needs.

Step 3

Begin your home search process by eliminating what type of homes you do not want. Consider your location. Consider your future. How long do you want to live in the house? Will your family be growing? Will school district be important? How long will your commute to work be?Determine your priorities and differentiate between the your wants and needs. Lighthouse Real Estate can assist you by providing active listings and real time market information via email to help you narrow down your selection. Shopping online is a great way to educate yourself about the market and help you determine what your ideal home is.

Step 4

Here’s the fun part: go out and see some properties. Get a feel for different types of properties, and refine your likes and dislikes when walking through a property. Lighthouse Real Estate can assist you in identifying properties that meet your criteria, arrange showings, and track the properties you have seen.

Step 5

Remember, asking price is not always indicative of a property’s actual value. Develop a negotiation strategy, research market activity, establish a value, and justify it. Lighthouse Real Estate can provide you will both a snapshot and long-term market trends and assist in pin pointing a property’s actual retail value. They are also master negotiators and represent your best interests on the contractual side of the purchase.

Step 6

Inspection is a major step in the buying process: there are many potential problems that can be discovered during this period. Lighthouse Real Estate can offer a pre-inspection service to help you understand the overall condition and identify potential problems of the property. In the event you do uncover a few necessary fixes, Lighthouse has a team of home inspectors, insurance brokers, trade professionals and contractors that can help.

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