About Us

Our Approach

Lighthouse Real Estate is focused on helping our clients meet their needs by exceeding their expectations in real estate services, representing buyers and sellers throughout South Carolina.  We are also continuously working to address the need for quality affordable housing through the acquisition and management of homes throughout greater Charleston.

Our Story

Lighthouse Real Estate LLC was founded by Joe Porter in 2007 after graduating from the College of Charleston.  Just as he was getting his feet on the ground, the Great Recession hit, paralyzing the real estate market in the Charleston area and across America.  No one was buying or selling.  While reflecting on the need for affordable housing in Charleston, Joe took the leap and purchased his first rental property.  Working alone each day on repairing much of the home, he finally rented it out to a family looking for a safe, clean home at a fair rental rate, and from there he was hooked.  For the next eight years, as the economy slowly regained strength, Joe focused solely on acquisition and management of properties to serve low and middle income families in Charleston.  48 units later, Lighthouse has changed neighborhoods, continually providing safe, clean houses for low and middle income families. Lighthouse maintains a 1% vacancy rate and a $4 Million portfolio.

Once the real estate market recovered, Joe turned his focus to helping clients buy and sell homes, while offering them his considerable experience in construction and the large network of tradesmen and home improvement professionals he gained during his acquisition years.  While maintaining Lighthouse’s rental units, Joe works with clients across South Carolina hoping to purchase or sell property.

Claire Porter, Joe’s wife, joined Lighthouse in 2017.  With a background in business development and after years of building relationships throughout the Charleston community, joining Lighthouse to focus on development is the natural choice. The two of them together look forward to working with the Charleston community, changing neighborhoods and serving our region on multiple levels.  They live on James Island with their daughters, June and Mary.

Why a Lighthouse?

The symbol of the Lighthouse was born with the passing of Joe’s older brother and best friend, Jay.  Jay was larger than life in all ways, and emanated light as one of the strongest and most influential souls that anyone who met him ever encountered.  Jay has continued to serve as a source of strength, and will always be missed, with the greatest love.

“…I have a Lighthouse.”  – Jay Porter